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Demo alfalfa lot for seed production

Variety 4AG07 (Dobrogea) We present to you a control field with the alfalfa variety 4AG07, a new, Romanian variety with high production potential. This demonstration group aims to test the production capacity, as well as to improve the seed production technology. The crop was established in autumn and 2 sowing…

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Mistakes to avoid when setting up an alfalfa crop

Alfalfa is the plant that gives the highest amount of crude protein per unit area (1,980 kg / ha) and 18-20% crude protein in dry matter, 50% more than soybeans and 60% more than corn grains. These are just some of the strengths that make alfalfa one of the most…

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Coupled support for alfalfa seed production

It is granted to active farmers who meet the provisions of art.43 of the O.M.A.D.R. no. 619/2015, with subsequent amendments and addenda, namely: In the case of alfalfa seed lots, the farmer shall present the invoice or tab(s) in the marketing record for products from the agricultural sector showing the…

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Alfalfa fertilization

Alfalfa is a major consumer of nutrients Nitrogen is provided mostly symbiotically from soil reserves, but for high and constant yields, especially in dry regions, it is recommended to apply low doses of nitrogen (N30-35) at the beginning of spring. On soils with low content of humus (<2%) and nitrogen,…

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When should we sow alfalfa?

Spring or autumn? When sowing alfalfa, we must first take into account the fulfillment of the conditions for germination and sprouting of seeds. Thus, at the depth of sowing, there must be enough moisture for the seeds to germinate and the alfalfa seedlings to grow. Thus, we can say that…

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Is overseeding effective in alfalfa cultivation?

Many alfalfa cultivators face the problem of gaps in culture in the year 4-5 since its establishment, and this is associated with the physiological depletion of plants. However, things become more worrying when the density of plants in relation to the unit area is reduced from the first years after…

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We started the alfalfa seed harvesting campaign 2020

The alfalfa seed harvesting campaign for the 2020 season has started. Among the first plots harvested was a plot with the variety being registered: 4AG08. The estimated seed production is about 500 kg / ha in the conditions of a very difficult year for seed production. The crop was established…

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Coupled support for alfalfa cultivation

It is important for all alfalfa cultivators to know that subsidies of between 55 and 100 euros per hectare can be obtained, at the expense of coupled support. These amounts will increase in stages by 2020. What must be done in order to benefit from this money? Let’s prove that…

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