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Coupled support for alfalfa seed production

It is granted to active farmers who meet the provisions of art.43 of the O.M.A.D.R. no. 619/2015, with subsequent amendments and addenda, namely:

In the case of alfalfa seed lots, the farmer shall present the invoice or tab(s) in the marketing record for products from the agricultural sector showing the marketing of at least 200 kg of certified alfalfa seed / hectare to alfalfa growers whose holdings are located in the national territory. , or the invoice for alfalfa seed multiplication services issued to the keeper or holder of that variety, showing that he has delivered at least 200 kg of certified seed / hectare.

If the invoice for multiplication services is issued to the variety holder, the farmer also presents the contract between the maintainer and the variety holder and uses the officially certified seed from the pre-base, base and certified categories, in accordance with Law no. 266/2002, with MADR Order no. 155/2010 on the production for sale and sale of fodder plant seeds and MADR Order no. 59/2011 for the approval of the procedures regarding the specific requirements for the production, certification and commercialization of cereal seeds, oil plants and fibers and fodder plants in Romania.

In the case of using certified seed from the own production, the farmer shall present the official certificate(s) certifying the seed lot(s).

The invoice for the purchase of the seeds is accompanied by the official certification document of the seed lot or the Official Analysis Bulletin, with the mention „seed allowed for sowing”.

For 2017, the seed producers who met the above-mentioned conditions received 320 euros per hectare, an amount to which is added the greening quota in the amount of 50 euros per hectare. The subsidy quota for 2018 related to alfalfa seed lots will be established by the Agency for Payments and Intervention for Agriculture (APIA) until April 1, 2018.

The deadline for submitting supporting documents to APIA is March 31st of the year following the current application year.


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