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Demo alfalfa lot for seed production

Variety 4AG07 (Dobrogea)

We present to you a control field with the alfalfa variety 4AG07, a new, Romanian variety with high production potential. This demonstration group aims to test the production capacity, as well as to improve the seed production technology.

The crop was established in autumn and 2 sowing schemes were used, with a distance between rows of 35 cm and 70 cm.

The essential elements for seed production are:

  • The distance between the rows must allow mechanical weeding, so that we can control weeds;
  • 3 treatments are required: the first for budding, the second for flowering and the third for the formation of pods;
  • Pollination is important because the plant cannot self-pollinate. In this sense, it is recommended that the plots for seed production be located near hedges, forests, meadows or other areas that shelter natural pollinators;
  • The time of harvest is when 70-75% of the pods have browned. 3-4 days before harvesting it is recommended to use a desiccant.

When harvesting, combine harvesters will be used, which allow specific adjustments to the harvesting of small seeds, in order to reduce losses.


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