It is important for all alfalfa cultivators to know that subsidies of between 55 and 100 euros per hectare can be obtained, at the expense of coupled support. These amounts will increase in stages by 2020.

What must be done in order to benefit from this money?

Let’s prove that the production obtained will be consumed on the farm, by our own animals.

If the farm does not have a livestock, we will make contracts with other livestock farms or alfalfa processors.

Let’s not forget the greening package where we can receive another 53 euros per hectare. This package is valid for all growers with an area of more than 15 hectares cultivated, of which 5% must be represented by green crops, which includes alfalfa.

If we take into account the single payment per hectare in the amount of 77 euros, we will total an amount of 185 euros for one hectare cultivated with alfalfa.